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It takes a lot of courage to want more than the status quo. 

You're here because it's time.

Time to invest in yourself.
To get out of your own way, past your excuses,
and into your next chapter.

I get it.

Your life isn't objectively bad and there's so much to be grateful for.

And yet, the last couple of years have been rough and you can't quite summon your usual spark. You know that something's missing and you're ready to figure out that is.

So what comes next?

As your very own courage coach, I’m here to walk alongside you as we explore what you want, what you love, and what’s standing in your way.

We'll come back to your joy, your purpose, and build up from there.

You’ll push past your fears, excuses, and limitations, and step into who you truly are, with the confidence and clarity to achieve some precious, far-fetched, and maybe even scary goals along the way.

Together we'll discover your next right steps and act on bringing it all together 💥

You deserve this.

It's time for your leap of courage!


Emily is a 30-something powerhouse working full-time in a leadership role, running a successful side business, and maintaining a busy social life. There are very few free spaces in her calendar and she’s prone to burn-out 😩


She has high “highs” and low “lows”. She oscillates between the two. On great days she is productive, confident, and steps into her best self. 


On not so great days, she is a zombie in the morning, procrastinates by swiping on dating apps, and questions if spreading herself so thin is worth it.


Emily came to me hoping to prioritize her many commitments, find balance in her daily highs and lows, and clarify her guiding purpose.

Inside my 3-month Courageous Action intensive, she took brave and imperfect action to: 

✅ Clarify her 12-month plan which includes 2 months of remote work in Latin America in the sun and the sand—bye Canadian winter!

✅ Submit her Master’s application. She had missed the initial application deadline, but took the leap to ask to submit late, was granted special approval, and got accepted 🔥

✅ Launch a platform for her disability advocacy work—her passion project that was ALWAYS on the backburner and shared her story with multiple audiences.

✅ Create space in her calendar for a grounding morning ritual and time for activities that bring her joy. 

The process wasn’t easy but it was worth it.
There was hesitation, tears, laughter, tears through the laughter, and bumps along the way.

Today, Emily's lows don’t seem so low, because she can always come back to her grounding purpose that she is taking action on every day.





Have a dream you're keeping bottled up because you don't trust yourself to make it happen
✅ Give too much of yourself to support the many competing priorities in your life
✅ Keep repeating the same start > stop > avoid cycle and are pretty over it
✅ Hesitate to even say that what you're doing isn't working for you anymore and you're ready for something different

If you nodded along, I've got excellent news! 

My ideal 1:1 clients are early to mid-career purpose-led professionals who are outwardly successful yet feeling a bit uninspired & aimless. You're ready for your next chapter even though you don’t quite know what that looks like... yet.  My coaching packages help you: 👉 NAVIGATE life transitions such as career changes, relationships, moving, or all of these at once by getting clear on your values, (re)discovering what brings you joy, and getting (re)inspired by your future. 👉 WEED out the overwhelm that comes with being busy and being stretched too thin. We’ll map out where your time is going, cut the fluff, and make your calendar work for you, not against you. 👉 EMBODY your unique roles as a leader, partner, friend, and more. We'll identify your many strengths and shift your thinking around imposter syndrome. I’ll encourage you to show up fully as yourself and I’ll do the same.  Real talk - what's going to change if you don't change it?


Hi! I'm Andrea 

I coach women who are on the cusp of big changes to break through their inertia and feel pretty damn great about the trajectory of their lives again.

My career has spanned from coffee shops to board rooms, from speech writing to presenting to audiences over 500 people, and from leading a multi-million dollar community initiative to running a kick-ass youth social entrepreneurship program.


Like many women, I was diagnosed with ADHD-Inattentive in my mid-30s.
Game-changer. It continues to be a fascinating journey and I love working with others who are on it too. 


I’ve cycled between accolades and burnouts for years. I’ve felt stuck and without that guiding purpose.

I’ve recently made some pretty drastic changes to course-correct and have now stepped into an incredibly fulfilling and energizing chapter of my life.

I can't wait for you to do the same!

While coaching results are as tailored and individual as my clients,
Clarity & Confidence
are the two outcomes most often mentioned.


We all have something inside of us that has power.

Andrea will help you harness that energy and give you the courage to walk an unknown path without fear.

She has opened my eyes and soul to accepting and changing what I thought I could not.

1 million stars to her!

- Kati Gomez
Fine Art Photographer
Oregon, USA

Which offer is right for you?

Leap of Courage

4-session sprint intended to help you feel confident and clear in your next steps.


If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of your next steps, we can get clear on what you want, uncover any roadblocks, move past them, and get you back on an energizing path.

In this program, we’ll focus on one area of your life, whether personal or professional, and set you up for success.

Courageous Action Intensive
*Signature Offer*

$2 250*

A 3-month intensive focused on taking you from clarifying what you want to getting you there. 


If you’re spread too thin and have multiple competing priorities, we can work to clarify the overlap, where to take a step back, how to lean into your purpose, and live a life that aligns with what you want.

If you're ready to experience powerful changes in your life and take the steps to get there then you’re ready for Courageous Action 🙌

Courageous Transformation
Customized to your needs*

A 12-month journey to discover your purpose, reflect on your progress, and sustain your momentum.

Imagine—you’ve completed your Courageous Action Intensive, and you’ve taken serious action towards your purpose. We want to make sure you sustain your momentum, which is why I offer a 9-month journey following your 3-month intensive to round out your year focused on leveling you up!

This time next year, you’ll be so proud of where you’ve come from and you’ll face the future with confidence.

P.S. Our first step for all packages is an intro call to discuss your goals and assess our mutual rapport. 
*Payment plans available. Deposit required prior to our first session.

Let's Connect

Are you ready to level up and step into your potential?

Book your complementary Coaching Call (or shoot me a note below) and let’s see if my coaching style is right for you!

Thanks for reaching out. Please anticipate a response within 48 hours.

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