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An aha: On the power of a supportive community

Maybe you have a hard time asking for help. Maybe you’re a recovering perfectionist.

I get it. I’ve totally been there (and somedays still am!)

We live in a very complex, adaptive, emergent world. Perfectionism and independence just doesn't serve us well these days. We can't all be experts at everything!

A recent conversation with Miriam, my friend and designer & co-founder of @rosaseven_lingerie led to this insight, "You have to do this yourself, but you don't have to do it alone."

Such a timely reminder. This aha moment last month led to me reach out to a few incredible folx in my network with design, social media, & photography expertise.

How awesome that the edge of my comfort zone (self-promotion, anything social media) falls right across some talented friends' zone of genius.

In this spirit of reaching out and accepting support, you can now find me @AndreaWallCoaches on FB and Insta. Would love for you to follow along. Updates to the website coming soon as well! So often it really does take external support to help get us unstuck and into action. Support and accountability are two of the many aspects I love about the modality of coaching. What's a block you're coming up against right now? What do you need to push through it? A call with a friend? Call them. A brain dump? Write it. A reason to start? Let this be it.


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