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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Phew! Here we are. Meeting over the internet on a little site that wears my name. Your being here means that I mustered the courage to press Publish and launch Andrea Wall Coaches into the world. It’s a dream come true and a few years in the making. I've always loved going deep into the squicky places. Places that we access as we’re falling asleep but rarely bring forward into the light of day. Coaching is the most powerful approach I’ve found to bring forth these glimmers and start nurturing them into reality. I don’t have your answers, but I have questions. Lots of them. That are going to help you uncover your truth and move into action. As a leadership coach, I’ve gotta continuously do the work as well. I won’t invite you to do something I’d be unwilling to do myself.

In that spirit, this year has involved ALOT of life-changing coaching. It’s why I’m here: on this blog, on the West Coast, and shifting my career trajectory from a systems level focus to fostering personal transformations, one conversation at a time. For those that like tools and frameworks, I’m an INFP (Mediator) in Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram 7, Insights Helper, and my top CliftonStrengths themes are Relator, Empathy, and Developer. This boils down to a personality that’s pretty ideally suited for coaching. I thrive on meaningful relationships, supporting others, and authenticity. Oh, and I’m a Scorpio. You’ve been warned!

I'm happiest curled up with a coffee and a book, lost in conversation with dear friends, or playing in nature. Throw in a puppy dog and we're all set. My biggest pet peeves are inauthentic people, hypocrisy, and the double negative in that old RAID commercial ‘Kills ants dead’. Ugh. The blog will become a forum to share musings on topics close to my heart:

  • Leadership & career evolutions,

  • Social change,

  • ADHD in women, and

  • Life transitions.

Expect some poetry sprinkled in for inspiration and beauty. I’d love to get to know you too. How’d you find the site? What content will light you up? What’s your Meyers-Briggs? What are you pondering in the middle of the night?



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